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Forums - General Discussion - Any members from 06 - 09 still post here?

^ quite sure the mj avatar was megaman22 or 88

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I could never sign up because vgchartz wouldn't accept my Hotmail account back then for some reason. Ended up signing in 2014. I read the forum everyday and eagerly awaited the charts.

CGI-Quality said:
lightningfunk said:

we can have multiple accounts if we are using only one of them

No, you can't. You can keep the one you're using, while the one that is dormant is Permabanned. 

If all of those accounts are yours, the one you're currently using is the one you can keep. The others will be nuked. In the future, the only reason you can make another account is if you lost your main one or you want to make a new one. The previous will then be Permabanned. 

In a case like this one, can I request the my old account from 2007 to be permaban since I’m using a new one because I was unable to access the site with it ?

Still here but I don't post often.

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