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Forums - Sports Discussion - The NFL Thread 2018: The New England Patriots win Super Bowl LIII


Who Will Win Super Bowl LIII?

Saints 5 21.74%
Chiefs 2 8.70%
Rams 3 13.04%
Patriots 9 39.13%
Cowboys 2 8.70%
Chargers 1 4.35%
Eagles 1 4.35%
Colts 0 0%
RolStoppable said:

Remember when it was tradition that somebody made a separate Super Bowl thread despite the NFL thread's existence? This time around we got one whole Snoopy post for the Super Bowl. Goes to show how much disinterest there is.

Hard to post when you're in a coma. Didn't have to watch the halftime show to know it sucked. Any decent commercials this year?

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Well done Pats and Tom Brady wins his 6th Super Bowl. Brady is G.O.A.T. confirmed!

I actually won something.



Lowest watched Super Bowl in a decade. Sounds about right. I didn't watch it either.

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Congrats Carl, and thanks for another excellent season to everyone else


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Came super close to predicting the correct super bowl match up in my prediction bracket.

Chris Hu said:
burninmylight said:

Here, I got something on topic. Tom Brady should never be considered for league MVP and is not worthy of the Hall of Fame because he's spent his entire career in the horrible AFC East, with the Bills, Dolphins and Jets. The only reason the Patriots have one 15 of the last 16 divison titles and made the playoffs all those times is because they loaded up on wins against bad teams and got a guaranteed playoff  birth because someone in that crappy division has to go. Same thing with Gronk. All of their records, accolades, playoff success and huge wins against quality opponents don't matter because their neighbors have been trash for the past decade and a half. The only thing that matters are the teams closest to you on the map, not actual standings, records, or success in big games.

Someone in this thread lives by that logic.

Someone is still salty cause Harden will easily win the regular season MVP again.

Did you think I forgot you?


You talked a good one back then, but you got real quiet once I made a proposal for a bet! You didn't think I'd be coming for that ass? Lol, whatchu got 2 say now, Mr. Hide n' Seek Champ?

"Harden will easily win MVP because he puts up a lot of shots and he's in the West, and the West wins everything!"

Hold on, hold on, let me write your excuses for you:

"B-b-but they didn't like giving it to the same person twice in a row, so they wanted to spread it around!"

Nope. Curry won it in '15 and '16. No excuse there.

"It's just because the Bucks won more games, so it made Giannis look better!"

Well yeah! Giannis is the best player on the best team, that's how it works.

"But Harden had that historic scoring run!"

Yeah it was awesome, and my hat is off to him for keep the Rockets afloat throughout the season and putting up another good fight against the Warriors. But Giannis was also a finalist for DPOY as well, and I'm too lazy to go into specific stats, but just trust me when I say that he put up better overall stats across the  board, both the easy counting stats and advanced numbers as well. No disrespect to Mr. Harden, who is one hell of a player that I wish was still wearing a Thunder jersey, but da champ is here baby.

Know what else is here? Your dinner

Need some seasoning? You can have my salt. ;)

Double Post, but since I got you here, may I take this time to remind you once more that my man Giannis is the NBA regular season MVP in a dead NFL thread?

Mods, I'm ready for my warning now. It's OK, go with the man with the shiny badge and the gun, Haley. Daddy has to spend the night with some nice folks in the bullpen.

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