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Forums - Sports Discussion - The NFL Thread 2018: The New England Patriots win Super Bowl LIII


Who Will Win Super Bowl LIII?

Saints 5 21.74%
Chiefs 2 8.70%
Rams 3 13.04%
Patriots 9 39.13%
Cowboys 2 8.70%
Chargers 1 4.35%
Eagles 1 4.35%
Colts 0 0%

Never change, Jerry.

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MTZehvor said:
...I leave this thread for 24 hours and it's spontaneously turned into the NBA thread.

I'm pleased to see you accepting personal responsibility.

I'm just disappointed that Scott gets to keep his job. He possibly blew the Cowboys game with that 4th and 1 call. He almost cost many of our games with his dumb 3rd/4th and short and red zone calls.

Nevermind, Scott has been fired today. Now, we need to hire someone who can do their job.

Sent you an email again.


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Carl said:
Sent you an email again.

Got it. Thanks.

I like Mahomes since he went to my college but I'm going to have to go with Brady on this one. Time for old folk to show the young folk how to play good old fashion foosball.

burninmylight said:
burninmylight said:

If you're talking to me, then please quote me.

Here, I got something on topic. Tom Brady should never be considered for league MVP and is not worthy of the Hall of Fame because he's spent his entire career in the horrible AFC East, with the Bills, Dolphins and Jets. The only reason the Patriots have one 15 of the last 16 divison titles and made the playoffs all those times is because they loaded up on wins against bad teams and got a guaranteed playoff  birth because someone in that crappy division has to go. Same thing with Gronk. All of their records, accolades, playoff success and huge wins against quality opponents don't matter because their neighbors have been trash for the past decade and a half. The only thing that matters are the teams closest to you on the map, not actual standings, records, or success in big games.

Someone in this thread lives by that logic.

Someone is still salty cause Harden will easily win the regular season MVP again.

Damn, Saints got robbed lol. Rams vs Patriots.

Farsala's picks:

NO by 7
NE by 7

MTZehvor's picks:

NO by 10
NE by 7

EDIT: If the HFA rule is the same as in previous years, then there is an additional /2 for the semifinals due to only two NFL games instead of four. Farsala loses either way, but maybe it matters for the other matchup.

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