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Forums - Nintendo Discussion - Blizzard says Overwatch On Switch Is feasible, but StarCraft 2 Isn't

Jumpin said:
I didn’t even r alize there was a Starcraft 2, and yet, there it is! =P

No Warcraft 4 though.

Not only is there one, there's actually three StarCraft2.

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Azuren said:
SpokenTruth said:

SC and SCII don't mean there are only 2 games.  They've had expansion packs and a remaster to the extent that calling it just 2 games doesn't quite work.  

StarCraft II

Fixed that for you. Expansions aren't new games.

Except these damn near are AND it's not uncommon for consoles to receive an game + expansion even though it didn't get the initial release.  For instance, Star Craft on N64 is actually game + Brood War expansion.

And that also ignores the StarCraft remaster released last year.  So while numerically, it's 2, it's several more by cardinality and release opportunities.

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