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Forums - Gaming Discussion - No mans sky is absolutely brilliant in 2018. (Addictive as space crack)


No mans Sky in 2018.

Impressed 13 31.71%
On the fence still. 8 19.51%
Disappointed 9 21.95%
Have yet to play 11 26.83%
Comments/Indifferent/Middle America... 0 0%

The moment I saw that thread title I was like, "yep, this is one of John's threads" :D

Glad you are enjoying the game. I really loved the idea of this game (open universe adventure...what's not to love), but was disappointed with the execution of it. Mind you, from what I played of it I thought it was a good start but did not come close to many of its promises. It largely felt barren to me. In many ways, I had a similar feeling when trying out Sea of Thieves. I am glad that the developer stuck with it and continued to improve it despite the negativity and skepticism radiating from the game community. Based on what I have seen and heard of No Man's Sky Next (my best friend is in love with the game now despite the fact that he too was disappointed with the original release), it has become a siren's song beckoning me to come back and play it. Hopefully, I will delve back into this gem once I have some free time (ideally I am hoping to try the multiplayer mode with my friend).

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John2290 said:
Angelv577 said:
I am tempted on getting on ps4. I have been hearing good things about the updates.

The twitch players are keeping it in the top 20 still so steam hopping there is a good way to gauge if you'll be into it as most are into the meat of the game now. If you do end up playing it research which mode would be best to auit you as it can make or break you're experience,for example survival has no souls-borne like graves so you could be hauling massive load and loose it all but normal may be a bit on the easy side for some. Best o luck with it.


John2290 said:
yo_john117 said:
I do actually have a quick question for any veteran of NMS. I can't get the hang of ship to ship combat, the ship controls are too floaty for me to accurately target enemy ships so I find myself in 5-10 minute dogfights against single ships because I can't ever lock on to them. Any tips? I still have a relative noob ship (B class - 27 slots with minimal boosts to stats). Are there any auto lock weapons that I can just fire in their general direction?

As of right now, this is pretty frustrating for me because there is a main mission that's locked behind getting ship kills :/

I'm not sure if they patched it but in 5.2 there was a glitch where you can dupe your photon canons. Search NMS jetpack duplication on youtube and it's the same principal,only do it once do because three dupes makes the visuals to strong and whites out the screen,it's made me the king of the sky, and with a few shield modules I haven't died once in space combat. 

If they have it patched. Farm nanite clusters and deck out your ship with S ranked modules (the yellow upgrades at the space stations) Best advice is to hit the breaks and turn as quickly as possible and wait for the ships to come your way and strafe the fuckers. Always break before they pass you and flip to the directional indicator. 

Thanks for the tips. I think the problem may have been my TV and the ship I had actually, I just upgraded to a Q8F Samsung because the input lag is low (Almost as low as gaming monitors) and I upgraded to an A class fighter ship and I blow everything away now lol. Aiming is super easy now.

This game is porrly optimized for PCs. It lagged the h*ll out of my 750ti.

I managed to get some hands on time with the game yesterday, first time ever playing No Man's Sky, and I quite enjoyed it, only played for a couple of hours with my girlfriend's brother, basically just flew to some planets, did some mining, checked out some weird looking crab dinosaur things, and flew around in space making holes in asteroids, although a cool thing happened where we were mining some copper and out of nowhere these robots started attacking, and then these four ships flew over the top of us and started shooting, so we got in our ships and got the fuck outta' there, then they chased us into space and we had a dog fight, turns out they were pirates, lol. Then I went to a space station and messed around customising my character...

Overall positive feelings about the game, although there were plenty of bugs and glitches, especially with the sound where it'd stop, stutter, repeat itself, go really loud, shut off entirely etc. it was sort of a weird experience in that regard, and there were some visual bugs but most of it was textures taking forever to load, nothing major in that department. Either way though, after actually playing it for a short while, I liked it more than I thought I would, it was actually a fun experience, maybe that's because I was with a friend, maybe not, but there was also an option to join random people anyway so that's always a thing. I did say I might pick it up some time in the future, and this has helped make my decision easier, lol