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Forums - Gaming Discussion - Have you ever had your games stolen from you?


Have you ever had your games stolen from you? If yes, what was the closest dollar value?

Yes. $10 0 0%
Yes. $20 0 0%
Yes. $50 3 15.00%
Yes $100 2 10.00%
Yes $200 1 5.00%
Yes $300 1 5.00%
Yes $400 0 0%
Yes $500 0 0%
Yes over $500 4 20.00%
No, never. 9 45.00%

I remember back during the days of Pokemon cards, my younger brother had made a trade with a close friend and received a Machoke (just a small trade, nothing special), but afterwards realized that the Machoke was a first edition. My brother's friend wanted a trade-back, but my brother declined. Weeks later the card disappeared; mind you, this wasn't a "big" deal card. A large number of the cards we had at the time were first editions, as this was near the beginning of the craze.

Fast-forward maybe a full year later, and my brother comes home from his friends house one day waving the Machoke in the air. He told me he saw it in his collection and took it.

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hence why i never had the heart to finish it lol.



Oneeee-Chan!!! said:

Never. My old friends were good people.

Sometimes video games can turn a good man cold.

Twitter: @d21lewis

Traded Metro is Zero Mission for aome shotty Samurai Jack game on GBA with my friend. It was only supposed to be a short term switch but he never gave me back my Metroid. He will pay one day!

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My friend stole my Final Fantasy X disc, but left the case there so i didn't find out for months that it was taken. xD