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Forums - Gaming Discussion - Portability or Power?


Portability or Power?

Switch's portability is f... 18 18.95%
Home consoles all the way... 33 34.74%
I lean toward portability, but I like both. 13 13.68%
I lean toward graphics an... 23 24.21%
PC MASTER RACE FTW!!! (n... 8 8.42%

Portability has been a huge boon to my hobby personally. Power means nothing to me if I don't actually have time to play the games. Many of the games I bought for my Xbox One over the years, I would start, and never finish before months would pass and a new game would release and capture my attention. On Switch, where I can continue the same console game out of the house, I have a much higher likelihood of actually finishing a game's story/campaign. In the past year, I've finished as many full retail games on Switch than I have in the 4 years I've had my Xbox One (and most of those were the short TellTale Games). So yeah, portability is far more important to me.

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While I do use the Switch undocked on occasion, I never leave the house with it. Mainly, I play undocked when someone else is using the TV, or to play it during commercial breaks or the like. But I prefer to play on my TV.

And when it comes to third-party games, I want the best version possible. Currently, that's usually going to be the Xbox One X version. If there is no significant performance difference between the Switch and PS4/XBO version and no online component that I may want to avail myself of, I may get the Switch version. But in the past 12 years the only multiplatform title I bought for a Nintendo system was Sonic Mania. Everything else has been an exclusive.


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