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Forums - Microsoft Discussion - MICROSOFT results Q4 and Full Year earnings. Huge.

Errorist76 said:
Azzanation said:

Wow.. you seem upset. Well arent you glad you have options out there.

Im not even going to bother. Seems like you have made up your mind on what you like and dislike.

Anyway.. back on topic, how good is there Q4 earnings, MS is killing it.

I’m the one upset but you should be the one who is. Great job covering your ears, ignoring my points and cry lalalala.

I recall you ignoring some of the posts I made addressing you...

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COKTOE said:
Azzanation said:

Hmm lets see.. lets say hypothetically if MS sold each X1 for only $50 and managed to sell 200mill consoles this generation, does that mean there more successful than there opposition, does that make them the best? Because they sold more consoles? Your logic means yes it does, if all you go by is hardware numbers. Its clear all sales do is start nothing but dick measuring contests that does nothing but downplay another platform because 1 sold less than the other. Instead how about we see who is actually making more profits and revenue? Sounds more professional to me than petty console numbers that does not always lead to more success. Clearly they are able to buy new studios and still want to make consoles so they must be doing alright don't you think?

Also with your logic, the PS4 has sold twice the amount of XB1s, Basing my info on below stats, it seems PS4 have 34.5m Paid subscribers, not 80m, now considering Xbox is more online heavy and they have 59m MAU across the board, Its possible to have a healthy amount of paid members with less HW sales. More consoles will help BUT its not the be all end all method. Its not impossible to have more Paid subscribers on a user base with less hardware sold than one with more hardware sold. Its the offerings on each system. Why do you think MS focus a lot on online games? Also keep in mind I am not saying Xbox have more paid member than PS. MS don't solely rely on XB1, that's just 1 product they use to promote Live.

Bottom line, I think MS grew up, they thrown out the thrash talk and give the numbers that actually make a difference to a business. Good on them.

As for your last sentence, try me.

You're a dumbass. You post ideas that are profoundly stupid. You sometimes, as with this particular one, attempt to propagate these ideas throughout multiple threads. Then, if somebody responds to you with with evidence that is in opposition to your post, and is irrefutable, you unflinchingly attempt to get blood from a stone, and end up with a post full of rock dust. How can you possibly believe that console sales mean nothing? That's literally the crux of your "argument". The XBO has almost 249 million worth of physical software sales. Which is DIRECTLY tied to the number of console sold. Does that mean nothing? Does it not contribute to profit/revenue? How about every digital game sold as a result of an XBO purchase? How many XBL subscriptions are there that are DIRECTLY tied to the XBO? How many millions? Does that also amount to nothing? And those subscriptions lead to more, ongoing profit/revenue in the form of microtransactions, ect, ect. I can't believe I'm having to type out this Duplo Block, Mud and Cookies response, essentially repeating myself with slightly more detail. I guess the next step will be breaking out the sock puppets and uploading a video to youtube.


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Haha! Just saw that there was an old reply to on of the threads I posted in. Came here, read this and laughed way to loud at the office! Even though you got moderated, I just wanted to tell you that I fully support your view and I am glad that somebody had the guts to put it in a post.

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kowenicki said:
KingofTrolls said:
What is " huge " if one is hidding sales numbers?

Huge is $110bn turnover and $35bn income coupled with a market cap of around $830bn.  

Not hard to understand.

Or maybe it is... 

This thread is about financial results and therefore demands a level of maturity to discuss properly.  Hard to find on this forum for the last few years, hence the lack of serious discussion now around the topics the site was originally based upon.

I am active on this site for more than 10 years now. I have seen many people come and go and the truth is that the level of discussion tends to fluctuate quality wise quite a bit.

But please don't flatter yourself. You were called out on BS so many times before that its hard to count. You regularly called out people on their "stupidity" just to be completely off the mark several times yourself in discussions that you seem to forget. If you don't have anything of value to add, why degrade the conversation to an even lower level with a petty post like this? There are plenty of other highly intelligent forums out there

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