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Forums - Gaming Discussion - Cancelled game that disappointed you the most


What game cancellation disappointed you the most?

Silent Hills 22 30.99%
Star Wars 1313 10 14.08%
Scalebound 12 16.90%
Fable Legends 1 1.41%
Mega Man Legends 3 5 7.04%
Rainbow 6 Patriots 0 0%
EverQuest Next 1 1.41%
Whore of the Orient 2 2.82%
Legacy of Kain: the Dark Prophecy 5 7.04%
Other 13 18.31%

Scalebound! That game was breathtaking for me and I still hope that it'll find its way on the PS4 ;p

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Star Wars 1313

Star Wars 1313. A linear, polished, a fun game isn't something Disney wanted.

Sleeping Dogs 2 was also supposed to be much bigger and fleshed out compared to the first one. From the details I've read about it, it could have been a really successful game. Shame that it was cancelled.