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Forums - Gaming Discussion - Darkstalkers revival will we ever see one?


2D sprites

Yeah 2 50.00%
Nah 2 50.00%
Heavenly_King said:
hunter_alien said:

I keep hearing this but there is absolutely 0 proof that they did not make a nice profit on RE7. They did fall short on expectations by 500k for the first quarter shipment (  but it also broke even with 2.5 million in sales ( and it now passed the 5 million mark, heading to 6 . So can we finally put this argument to rest?

As for Darkstalkers... I just wish :(

RE5 and RE6 sold better, just saying ;)    RE7 is just at 5.1M by march 2018

True, but RE7 reportedly had a lower development budget than those 2 and RE6 had abysmal sales while being full priced. There were major price promotions from retail chains even before the game turned 1 month.

Also RE7 was an engine lead game, for the RE engine that will further recoup costs while NT framework was not for RE5. Add in the VR exclusivity that probably guaranteed some preferential treatment from Sony and its obvious that the 5 million sales for RE7 can be seen in a different light.

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