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Forums - Sony Discussion - what was your "FIRST GAME" for a playstation system?

First purchase was Warhawk, i played Toshinden, Tekken, Ridge Racer and a few others before that one, though, autumn 1995 was so great!

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Tekken 3 or Spyro 2. I can't remember which I got first, but it was one of those.

Crash Bandicoot 1, Croc: The Legend Of The Gobbos & GTA 2 for the Playstation 1 model SCPH-9002. We got them all together.
It was the only Playstation console we've ever had.

My first game was Tomb Raider, which was awesome, to a friend's house.

Then we exchanged our console (I had a SNES) and games for a while because while I loved and wanted to finish Tomb Raider, he also wanted to play Donkey Kong country !

But, like Shadow1980 above me, I mostly played on my N64 (I got a imported japanese one before the pal release) during the generation.

Mine was actually Descent at the time the corridor 3D graphics seemed impressive to my 10 year old self . It was the only game left at a bargain price on the store. The 299 ps1 price tag was high (we were poor) since my mom had to buy an antenna adapter for an extra 20 dollars. But I actually spent more time playing a demo CD that came bundled with the PS1. I can't recall what volume it was but it had the warhawk demo.