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Forums - Politics Discussion - Is the United States really a developed country?

sethnintendo said:
sc94597 said:
Sorry, the "developed", "developing" dichotomy is based on Western European imperialism and colonialism. All countries are developing. The idea that some countries are "developed" and have no more advancement to be had in terms of social and economic conditions is laughably stupid.

Compare USA to North Korea.  One could say USA is developed compared to North Korea.

I do hope Kim Jong Un will do better for his people and his market now that he is more into direct contact with the west, a united Korea is a dream but some babysteps towards it would be awesome.

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HomokHarcos said: 

Mississippi is pretty poor, and it's hard to think of it being a rich nation when you are in some of the inner cities or rural areas in the South.

Also, the crime rate and violence is much higher than the rest of the developed world. Looking at the intentional homicide rate also brings a similar view.


It's almost as if the high rates of violence are born out of poverty and extreme income inequality... or something. 

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RenCutypoison said:

It will seem unrelated at first but in EU it is usually considered that you can enter the EU if you are approximatively geographically attached to the rest of the Union and have most requirements to be considered a developped country (altough it's sometimes realy questionnable).

Given the enormous amount of underlying issues in US that are part of its foundations (as exposed in the OP), so appart from the GDP US in this highly hypothetical situation might be refused, thus considered "not a fully developped country".

I'd like to add that equality in the eyes of justice should be a requirement for developped country. Given the very well known racial bias in the US justice system (Though France is also concerned for example) and that one of the most important court in the US (immigration court) does not give a right to free counseling,  it's two more reasons for the US status as a developped country to be questionned.

Given Gdp per capita that of the US is twice as high as most European countries. Also so is the debt per capita. As for the racial tensions and bias those are very present in Europe also, just in a different way.  Just watch the tensionsbetween Turkey and NL/Germany for example. Same goes for sexism in that regard if you are a male you will probably get a harsher punishment for the same crime.

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