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Forums - NSFW Discussion - The art of bullying - The VIKING system

Well id bully someone in this thread into oblivion for that person deserves it

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Ganoncrotch said:

I think given the name of the system people might be disappointed to find a lack of "looting" and pillaging. Although I guess you could include some of that in the Getting results phase.

But when you look back at something like highschool, if you can remember that bully from your classes name, be it bullying you or others, check them up on facebook, chances are they will be a manager or CEO somewhere from my experiences at least, I think it's only the victims of the events went on to have a fairly rough life after the fact, like I said one guy I know who was pushed around in school a fair deal ended up taking his own life years later. Guess we see it in USA now where a lot of the people who instigate school shootings are known to have been bullied by their peers. It's tragic when it comes to that, but in my experiences once those bullies go into the real world, most of them do just fine.

You have a seriously misguided notion of what bullying is, who bullies, why they bully and who gets bullied and why.

Kids get bullied for being short, fat, ginger hair, freckles, old clothes, skinny, quiet, or because it's Tuesday and some punk wants to be an asshole.  This whole alpha male thing you keep bringing up is....sad.  It's an ego problem that must display its dominance because it's insecure in who it is.

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What the...I can't tell if this thread is satire or genuinely serious, I hope it's satire, anyway we're not having a thread teaching people how to be pricks/bullies and I can't see any good coming out of this thread so I'm locking it down now.