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My PSN id is the same as my VGC username.



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I guess I'll do the first news update:

Tokyo Ghoul:re CALL to EXIST Coming West for PS4 (and also for PC) - DualShockers

"The game is a survival-action title in third-person perspective with a multiplayer focus. Players can choose to be ghouls or investigators and can play offline or in team-based battles online. Attacks from the anime will be included in the game in order to allow players to relive iconic scenes they have seen in the series."

"If you’re not familiar with Tokyo Ghoul, it’s a dark fantasy manga by Sui Ishida, serialized on Shueisha’s Seinen Manga since 2011. It gave birth to multiple anime series, latest of which (titled Tokyo Ghoul:re) aired this year. Incidentally, given the title of the game, it’s probably specifically tied to this anime series."

I appreciate your support in the PS Nation, Raven and Aura! I was surprised with VGP's rude comments on my character, I don't come here often but I thought he was a good guy before this happened.

Leaving that aside, Definitive Edition looks good. It should be called Remastered though, ahemm TLOU R, GOW 3 R and GR R ahemm. I like this format.

great OP(s)

let's hope this one sticks around a good while

News update:

Darksiders III Release Date Set for November 27 - NicheGamer

You can purchase the standard edition for $60, but there are higher tier editions that go up to $400. Details of each edition are in the article.

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Hiku said:

i don't get it, dante didn't have a father in Dmc

Aura7541 said:

I guess I'll do the first news update:

Thanks again for helping out with the thread, as I said in mod chat last night, I won't actually be at my  computer until tomorrow evening, typing this on my phone right now and that's hard enough as is, so I wouldn't want to potentially mess the thread up by doing the updates from my phone. I'll be on the ball again once I'm back at my computer tomorrow though.

GOWTLOZ said: 

Leaving that aside, Definitive Edition looks good. It should be called Remastered though, ahemm TLOU R, GOW 3 R and GR R ahemm. I like this format.

Fun fact; The original name for this thread WAS "Playstation Nation Remastered", I offered two choices and Definitive Edition was simply the winner, lol. Glad you like it though! I'll try and keep it as updated as much as I can, but I'm trying to push more of a community focus on it where users can just come in and paste news/trailers/whatever as they like, not only because I don't have as much free time as I'd like, but because I think people will feel a lot more involved with the thread if they're posting updates and stuff too, if that makes sense, lol. 

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It makes sense Bristow. This way no one will feel like they own the Nation and that's for the benefit of discussions which don't appeal to everyone.

I went with Sully. I had accepted he wouldn't be in Golden Abyss, and when he showed up, I was like: "yyyyeeeeeeeaaaaaaah!"

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