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John2290 said:
Barkley said:
Ugh, on one side we have unreasonable posts exaggerating how bad it is, "I heard it comes with special glasses" wow, great post. On the other it's the overly defensive crowd throwing "handheld" around, even though everyone is talking about docked performance, rip "hybrid" it's apparently been relegated to just a handheld to defend its power.

The worst from both sides are here, this thread has turned to crap.

Try it. 15 minutes and you'll realize how bad it actually is even if your a console gamer. Its is beyond terrible. I can't believe Bethesda would allow this and to that matter bethesda games can usually run on toasters. This is way. Way. Below even their standards.

There are plenty of games on switch, i'm not sure why people want to play a butchered version of a game. strange times we live in, when all of sudden portability over everything after nintendo released finally handheld with good specs. 

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Yep. I've seen just about all I need to. Some of you guys have known histories of bashing Nintendo at every turn (and ignored my Warning). While I get that you don't favor them, it ultimately ruins topics like these. Nothing wrong with a little criticism, but this is just too much.

As a result, Moderations will be handed out, and to everyone else, sorry it had to go down this way.