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Forums - Gaming Discussion - So, in terms of tennis games: Virtua Tennis 4, Top Spin 4 or Grand Slam Tennis 2?

Top spin 4 is the better sim out of those, though if you wanna go full simulation I would suggest Tennis Elbow !

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I remember craving for Tennis a few years ago and I tried out both Virtua Tennis and Top Spin. Virtua Tennis was more arcady, so I had a ton of fun with it. Top Spin was a bit more technical. Probably good for people who really want to get into it and perfectly execute every single shot just like they want to.

Now I have that craving again. Gonna have to check out what arcade tennis is there on Steam.

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Tennis Elbow 2013. The graphics are hideous, the animations are janky as hell, and the learning curve is steeper than Mt Everest, but it is by far the best Tennis game I have ever played, and the only one that captures the strategy and pure satisfaction of playing the real sport. Plus it has more AI difficulty increments than I've seen in any other game. I highly recomend it if you can get past its negative points.

Smash Tennis on the SNES. It's an oldie, but a goodie.

Well, unfortunately I went to my local used gaming store and none of these games were there, so the hunt is on I guess!!