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Forums - Politics Discussion - Supreme Court Upholds Trump's Travel Ban on Mostly Muslim Countries

Hyper_Upgrade said:
Machiavellian said:

Did you not read the link I gave.  It showed that Obama was called Socialist, fascist, Nazi and a crap load of other stuff from the conservative media.  Your stance appears that this is only applied to Trump as if he is special in some way to negative press or even how he is typed or viewed.  The thing is that he isn't special.  Other presidents during their term was typed just as much depending on how threaten each side felt.  During Obama term, conservatives flipped a switched and called him everything they could.  Their whole agenda was to make sure they demonize him in such a way that he would fail a second term.  When that did not work, they worked hard to make sure that Hillary was next since she was the front runner.

It's how the game is played and if you do not like it then you probably should not get involved.  Politics has always been this way.  A lot of people were saying this before Trump decided he wanted to be President.  Trump never had any political experience and he felt that his little dirty business experience was enough to prepare him for the full onslaught.  The thing is, you seem to act as if Trump is some innocent bystander but he plays just as dirty as any other politician.  You only have to look at any of his attacks whether promoted or just off the cuff.  He has lied and demeaned any and everyone he felt is getting in his way.  Trump has shone he will use what every words, that will make his political base happy.  

I do not see Trump as any different from any other politician, if anything he just seems ill prepared, sloppy and lazy.  He doesn't appear he really want to do the job, he just want everyone else to bow to his whims.  Being president is a tough job, we will see how well he mature during his first term.

There is not a link to click on. 

And at what point have I said Trump is innocent? My only argument is that we don't blanketly refer to politicians as Nazis or fascists. It's not a crazy idea. I'm not blind, and I've said earlier in the forum about the tactics Trump plays. He is fair game and it is up for him to defend himself, such is politics. 

My point stands that calling your opponent a Nazi is not something that is acceptable because no one benefits from it, and its risks alienating people who are not radical. 

Sorry about that I thought I posted the Link with all the conservative talking points since Obama came into Office.   Unfortunately I closed my browser and cannot find the link anymore.  Any searching on Obama on any of those terms you will see a wealth of information on how the conservative press labeled him pretty much all the things you blame Trump is receiving.  

From your original post, you seem to claim that Trump was somehow more targeted then any other president.  My stance is that no, he is not special nor are any of the labels he is being called special to him.  Actually, he is getting the same abuse that Obama received only it seems conservatives have forgotten how they treated Obama now that the shoe is on the other foot.

What I am wondering is did you miss all the hate Obama received or you just did not care.  Now that its Trump you seem to care about the hate.  My point is that I did not see a lot of people protesting the hate Obama was getting because they did not care, now that its the golden boy, somehow its bad or unacceptable.  

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To be fair I was probably 13 when Obama was elected. As I mentioned the vague memories I have of Obama being called a Nazi were not taken seriously in any real circles (quick search turned up the drudge report or Sarah Palin). Clinton was usually a more viable target for conservative media in his second term anyways. Either way, it is wrong regardless of the political affiliation. 

I don't have high expectation for political rhetoric. It's just that I'm significantly concerned by the casualness that Nazis and fascists are being referred to. In this forum and in non-fringe media. There will come a time when someone truly terrifying will enter into the political sphere. If we weaken the most powerful words we have to describe evil to such a degree, then we will give usurpers an opportunity that they should never have. 


On a side note,

Something major has happened across the globe. Western Europe and North America now have many mainstream parties left in the dust over the past two years. (Mexico, Italy, Spain, Brexit, Germany is barely holding its coalition together, USA, France, etc). Something clearly went wrong and few pretend to have the answers as to why. I'm not trying to allude to some right or left wing narrative nor will I speculate on who is gaining more influence. Simply, there are significant and unknown problem that needs to be identified first, much less solved. Immigration is merely one of the many factors, and blaming Nazism isn't going to get us anywhere but further into corners.