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Forums - Nintendo Discussion - Why Isn't Hollow knight getting as much talked about as Ori and the Blind Forest got Praised for It's exclusivity as Xbox?


Should Hollow Knight get as much praise as Cuphead?

Yes 19 57.58%
No 14 42.42%
quickrick said:
Biggerboat1 said:

2. & 3. agreed

1. You're mixing up fact with preference (same as JRPGfan). I could understand if both games are going for the same style, then a comparison would make sense but Hollow Knight has a hand-drawn aesthetic that doesn't need to push the GPU in order to achieve it's desired effect.

Personally I prefer the Hollow Knight approach but one isn't better than the other. The character design in Hollow Knight, to me, is also much stronger than Ori.

I'd recommend trying Hollow Knight before writing it off, there's a lot more going on than static screenshots make out (assuming you have a PC of course), it's very atmospheric and you can tell a lot of love was poured into it's development. Big budgets are nice but they're not necessary for a great game!

I mean everyone has different opinions on preference, but clearly from a technical stand point ori is taking it to the next level, and is hand drawn as well, it's something that will impress  people way more then hallow knight, its clearly has a bigger budget. I did watch a lengthy video, and its not even close imo.    

Each to their own - we agree that Ori has a much bigger budget - I guess I personally place more emphasis on the uniqueness of the art and visual design and how it feeds into the overall atmosphere and experience. I really enjoyed Ori but it felt like a big studio game with all of the hard edges knocked knocked off of it and the art style is one I feel like I've played and scene before (albeit more beautifully executed). Inside was another 2D game that I loved for it's distinctive use of stark lighting and stripped back palette.

I'm a graphic designer so I think in general I gravitate more towards more unique takes on aesthetics over ever more sophisticated versions of more conventional styles. Though as I say, I still enjoyed and appreciated Ori.

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Baddman said:
couchmonkey said:

1.How do we measure what fans are hyping?
2. Assuming the premise is correct, and the other two games were more hyped:
Ori: I have no idea, barely even heard of it hence question 1.
Cuphead: this game is marketed very well with the music and art style. I am actually a little surprised it took off with the XBox audience, but even so the game's style is i mediately eye catching. Hollow Knight, not so much I saw the E3 announcement but I already forgot what it looks like. Both games also have lousy titles, but Cuphead is at least memorable, hollow knight is both a cliche (knigts are everywhere in gaming)and self deprecating (hollow is not strong or positive word). Good game title? Rocket League. Rockets are awesome, and league tells you it is a competitive, sportsy title.


edit: serious question for Hollow Knight players: is the gameplay as tight as a classic 8 or 16 bit pkatformer?  I rewatched the trailer and it looks kind of floaty to me.

can't say for sure as I haven't played a classic 8 or 16-bit platformer in a long time. but It doesn't seem floaty at all to me. and I hated LBP for its floatiness.  The length of time he is in the air depends if you how long you hold the jump button

Yeah, LBP is on a whole different plane. thanks for the feedback!