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Forums - Gaming Discussion - Anyone else slightly disappointed?


How would you rate how the year's shaping up so far?

Looks to be one of the best years in gaming. 10 14.29%
Solid year, several highl... 32 45.71%
Disappointing, some moder... 23 32.86%
Pure garbage, one of the ... 3 4.29%
Ok year, greatly anticipa... 2 2.86%

I wasn't impressed with E3 myself. Nothing really grabbed me except Fire Emblem Switch.

But as for this year in gaming? It's been a great year and will continue to be a great year. There's plenty for me to play. Valkyria Chronicles 4, Dragon Quest XI, Ni no Kuni 2, Shining Resonance, Tales of Vesperia Definitive Edition. Not every year will have a Breath of the Wild.

Now E3 was boring. The last E3 I really followed was 2013, when they unveiled the PS4 and Xbox One. And that one wasn't as exciting as when they unveiled the PS3/Wii/360 even though I am enjoying the PS4 and Switch much more than their 7th-gen counterparts. But that isn't because I haven't enjoyed gaming since then. I'm having a better time as a gamer than I've had since the PS2 was a thing.and in a lot of ways, even the PS2 and the Gamecube weren't this good,. It's just that E3 is pretty much a dinosaur from the 90s that really doesn't have much relevance in this day and age when Nintendo, Sony, Microsoft, and the third parties can show off their own offerings throughout the year, on their own consoles and through social media.

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this E3 was very bad. theres literally nothing to get excited about, no game innovates, and i cant think of any E3 that had less games as a whole... to make it even worse theres a lot of feminist,sjw, equality BS.

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Solid year but this generation is coming closer to an end so it will start winding down a bit towards the 2020 arrival of the new machines

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