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Forums - Nintendo Discussion - Thoughts on Nintendo's E3 showing and Nintendo's 2018.

The pacing was off, but it wasn't bad by any means. At least you can't blame them for showing cinematic trailers, without game play and release dates (the most common complaint of any E3). I think it got overhyped and leaks and rumors didn't help at all. I mean, we're getting new Pokemon, and Smash this year. These are massive titles. Even if you're not into either of those games there are Mario Tennis and Party, Daemon X Machina, Octopath Traveler + bunch of 3rd party like Fortnite, Wolfenstein, NBA, FIFA, Darksouls, Crash, Dragon ball, Starlink etc. Not to mention new FE in January. There are SO many games releasing in next few months, it's mind boggling. I'm pretty sure, if they released even one more huge title this year, those games would cannibalize each other's sales. Of course Nintendo is to be blamed too. They should NOT tease us with, what it seems, games in very early stages, or simply not ready for release. Or at least follow the trend and show a teaser trailer, although I understand why they did it. But saying that there's nothing interesting coming out this year is plain stupid. 

My score: 7/10

Last edited by Kristof81 - on 13 June 2018