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Forums - Nintendo Discussion - Smash Ultimate is not a port... and not a brand new game?


Would you say Smash Ultimate is...

A port 18 14.75%
A brand new game 74 60.66%
A compilation 23 18.85%
Something else 7 5.74%
mZuzek said:

A port.

You should get a picture of the smash 4 version as well. Just to show how different they are.

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Shaunodon said:
Nautilus said:


The internet dissapoints me sometimes.


Ah the good old resort to grammar Nazism when things don't go your way.

AngryLittleAlchemist said:
Guys ... seriously? Ugh. I can't believe i'm going to say this, as someone who was adamantly against a port of Smash 4 being released, but this has gone too far. You guys are focusing too much on a title at this point. I've never seen a game before where a discussion about a "new game" or a "updated port" has been so much based around semantics and not actual legitimate discussion.

Why don't we just evaluate the worth of the game as a game. Let's see how much ORIGINAL, NEW content is provided. And if it's not enough for you? So be it. If it is? Great for you then. Don't get caught up so much in a title. When I was against a port coming to Switch, it was only with the context of what most ports (yes, even upgraded ports) entail. Now, this game has shown me quite a few extra goodies, and I'm willing to ride it out and see what the game has to offer before seeing if it's worth it for me or not. Is that really so hard?

Basically this.

I just ask those that are vehement about it being a port. What does this game not offer that you wanted in a new game?

It has seemingly every stage ever created, ever character ever created. Lighting, graphics, shadows, levels, ect all have been improved. Characters have been tweaked, new fighting mechanics implemented or brought back from earlier games. There are also NEW characters/fightrer and new stages. Amiibo all work, online, 60 fps, 1080p, ect.

So please enlighten me as to what it is that this game doesn't do that makes it not a new game?

mZuzek said:

A port.

I don't see any port, just a river in the background. I suppose there could be a port near the castle, but I'm not seeing any evidence of one.

pikashoe said:
mZuzek said:

A port.

You should get a picture of the smash 4 version as well. Just to show how different they are.

Sure, here's a picture of this stage in Smash 4:









Edit: okay but seriously now, here's a picture from Melee, where this stage is from:

Of course, graphics have improved since then, but they never remade returning stages in previous games. Returning stages were always untouched except for the rendering resolution obviously, whereas this time they're really making them look much better. Point in case, if Princess Peach's Castle was in Smash 4, it would have looked very much like the Melee version.


*Even laster note, yes it does!*

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As much as I like rolling in sweet sweet VG Points, I think this thread has run its course. People have stated their viewpoints and it looks like nobody is going to change their minds no matter which side of the argument they are on. I'll file this one in the same folder as the Switch is a console or handheld debate.

* Last note, Princess Peach's Castle looks gorgeous in Smash Ultimate *

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