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Forums - Gaming Discussion - Who Had The Best E3 2018 Press Conference / Show


Who Had The Best E3 2018 Press Conference / Show

EA 1 0.53%
Microsoft 94 50.00%
Bethesda 18 9.57%
Square Enix 1 0.53%
Ubisoft 7 3.72%
Sony 41 21.81%
Nintendo 20 10.64%
Devolver 1 0.53%
Limited Run Games 2 1.06%
PC Gaming Show 3 1.60%
Mafioso said:

Microsoft won on style and mega announcements. The ending segway to Cyberpunk was just killer-well played. Overall MS, Ubisoft and Bethesda were the top 3 for me.

I thought MS showed plenty of first party.

Cuphead and Sea of Thieves Updates
Halo Infinite
Gears 5 & PoP (lol)
Forza Horizon 4
Crackdown 3 campaign Gameplay trailer
Announced new non- racer game from Playground in developent
New Santa Monica studio headed by former Crystal Dynamics head Darrell Gallagher

And the ton of multiplats and games from Japanese studios were mostly juicy first looks. The presentation and pacing was great, saw tons of great looking upcoming content.

I thought Sony tried to get artsy-fartsy, coffee house performances on us and as such the pacing fell flat on its face. TLoU 2 and Spidey looked fantastic as expected. The best showing of that conference i thought was RE2 and Ghost of Tsushima. I don't get Death Stranding, its not exciting me after what i saw.


What is apparent is MS and Sony have roughly 1 big exclusive the rest of this year (Horizon 4, Spiderman), so the landscape is looking very multiplat focused this fall.

I do find the irony of people saying Nintendo won for showing Smash, and yet want to downplay Microsoft because of the Halo, Forza, Gears thing. Lol.

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AFAIK PS4 never had a good Q4 in its life in terms of exclusives (semi or full) TLG is the only notable game I can think of outisde launch garbage

Strange E3.

I would say purely on show set up and execution Microsoft got it largely right doing what I want from a conference. Tons of games where none felt stayed to long or blew past too fast. They pushed their system and library in full force, so well done to them.

Sony easily could have filled its terrible intermission with tons of content with all the third party titles coming. It didn't so while I'm very excited about the PS4 I felt Sony gave a poor impression as to how amazing the system's vast upcoming library is.

Nintendo is a bit concerning because the Switch came out so fast and I was expecting the consolidated library of 3DS/Wii U to really start showing up this year and it felt pretty barren. Smash looks great, but they spent a lot of time on it making me wonder if the system will find that second gear like the 3DS did soon.

Of the big three I tip the cap to Microsoft even if I prefer Sony's line up.

quickrick said:
Kerotan said:
Sony. They have the most quality AAA games coming exclusively to them. Many other big points in other conferences were old ps4 games being announced for the platform. While Sony might not have shown 50 games or whatever, most of these are coming to ps4 anyway so it doesn't lose out as a result.

Ps4 sales are far ahead of the likes of the xbox and this conference won't do anything to change that. If anything ps4 will outsell it by more. Therefore I can't even imagine how this was a better conference.

The last of us, spiderman, ghost, nioh 2 and death stranding. No conference can compete with that.

Yup thats all i care about when grading E3, and sony has the games first party looks great, and third party support is great as well the best of any platform. I don't know how anybody could think nintendo conference was good, it was basically a smash 4 enhanced port show, it looks the same as  wiiu smash from 2013, which wasn't a looker to begin with, and switch is way more capable.

Very well said.