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darkenergy said:
taus90 said:

but hey switch doesn't have majority of those third party title but still is conveniently outselling Xbox One! I wonder why?? It doesnt matter how much exclusives sells, it gives assurance to the consumer that there is a diverse line up and console manufacturer will have a great support and not abandon the system like MS did with 360 and sony did with Vita, and Cocky nintendo with Wii U by ignoring the third party 

Where did this came from? I'm only replying about someone trying to downplay the Xbox One, Switch wasn't even mention there.

LivingMetal said:

Wrong.  I'm not the majority of PS4 buyers.  I don't "go with the flow."  I'm not "sheep."  I'm not the "masses."  And the reality here is that with any popular produce you will have a greater mass penetration.  And more specifically with gaming consoles, this benefits games that are not in the top ten because with a bigger and wider audience it help guarantee the continual success of those titles.  You don't have to have a title in the top 10 to be viable option.  It's been proven with the continual software support on the PS4 since the console's release.  And here's another slice of reality for ya.  Not every PS4 owner who plays FIFA plays COD.  Or not every PS4 owner who plays GTA plays FIFA.  Or not every PS4 owner who plays COD plays GTA.  ETC.  But we all do play multiple genres.  But my principle still stands.  If you like genre "A," chances are is that you'll find more games of genre "A" on a console that offers more options.  HOW HARD IS IT TO PROCESS SOMETHING SO MENTALLY BASIC???  So sorry, but it looks to me that your "analysis" is faulty propagation.  In short, BULLSHIT.

EDIT: Since you want to point out this "paltry" 8% of PS4 owners, that 6.5 million actually supports my argument.  Because whether a title sells 6.5 million or 650,000 as long as they keep making games for you to play, that just gives you more options.  Do I really have to waste precious bandwidth to explain this?

Wow really in my reality every COD and FIFA that's ever release for the PS4 since 2013 has sold 18 million units and counting.

And your point is........?

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I think the best answer and the reality is they are screwed this gen but promising next gen, so a yes and a no

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Microsoft needs to do what they can to convince people that they won't repeat the mistakes of this generation during the next one. That starts with investing in first party again, which they are clearly doing. The studio they are building and the studios they acquired are debatable as to how much impact that will have but it's a start. Unfortunately, I feel like Microsoft needed that to be bearing fruit NOW, not years from now. If they want the next Xbox to be in a better position from the start, they need to be convincing people now that their brand is worth it before the next platforms launch.

If they march into the next generation where the consensus is still that "Xbox has no games", then even rushing games out the door for the sake of having something Year 1 isn't going to help because those games will probably be greatly reduced in quality. I say Microsoft takes the slow road and ensures they have quality titles they are bringing to the table. Clearly, quantity didn't help them at the beginning of this generation. Though that means they'll probably still fall behind Sony for the next generation, the point is to make moves to establish yourself as a great creator of video games. Get the name "Xbox" out from being the butt of everyone's jokes to being a respectable competitor again. Worry about being number one after you've made sure you have what it takes to be number two. They feel like a distant third with how well Switch is doing right now.

No matter what Microsoft does, the only real hope they have for the next Xbox to overtake the next PlayStation is for Sony to screw up badly. Not outside the realm of possibility as we have seen but certainly not something to bank on.