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Forums - Gaming Discussion - Anthem and Days Gone both releasing on Feb. 22, 2019

Anthem is online only.... even if you wanted to play it as a single player (instead of 4 people online co-op).

My hype levels fell alot for it, felt like it showed bad too.


Tmfwang said:
The new Metro game also got Feb 22 :O

Now Metro showed really well.
I could see Metro swallowing Days Gone & Anthem....

I suspect they end up moveing Anthem to another date.

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Like these guys don't do calendar walks or anything. Or yeah all 365 days next year? Let's just pick 1 to release three games on.

I'm getting neither.

That can take some of the wind of from Days Gone sail... will Sony move the release some or take the risk? This game seems one that deserves a lot of sales.

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