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Sony turned down the IP originally. Insomniac pitched it to multiple publishers including Sony and MS was the only publisher willing to fund the game while allowing Insomniac to retain creative control over the IP. I doubt Sony will change their mind at this point, or any of the other publishers for that matter. We'll either get Sunset 2 from MS next gen (if MS greenlights it now that Spiderman development is wrapping up), or never, which would suck. Fortunately, there have been recent rumors that MS plans to fund it once Insomniac's main team finishes Spiderman. 

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I think they should. Its one of the few games on Xbox I REALLY wanted but alas, I didn't have a Xbone. The art style and the setting just screams Playstation.

MasterThief said:

Yes. insomniac wants to keep the IP. that ip will never be huge. its just a niche single player game. but Sony should absolutely do it. that game in no way will ever do well on an xbox console because Insomniac style fans are on the playstation side. Sony should absolutely fund and publish both SO2 and port the original. to PS5. 


would be a giant XD to microsoft because SO is probably their best or 2nd best exclusive IMO. 

Sounds like you really enjoyed the 1st game since you want a sequel. Lete hope for your sake,  MS doesnt break your heart and announce the Sequel at this E3 ;)

axumblade said:
I don't care what system it ends up on, I would love to play a new Sunset Overdrive xD

More gamers need to have this attitude. A good game is a good game. 

I think Sony's strategy is to bury Insomniac with other projects, so they won't be available to make another Sunset Overdrive for anyone :D

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It seems lately Sony should do quite a lot of things. Give them a break, they also have phones and TVs to sell.

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It would be best if every game releases on as many devices as possible but that's not our reality. So no, sony should not support sunset 2, XBone needs more good exclusives to keep the market competitive.