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First deserved goal for France.

In the wilderness we go alone with our new knowledge and strength.

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So unfair. Worst world cup final ever.

Slimebeast said:
So unfair. Worst world cup final ever.

The last two goals were well played.

In the wilderness we go alone with our new knowledge and strength.

Yeah will be a deserved win for France after all! Croatia played well until now though.

France is too strong .

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Looks like that Spurs DNA is driving Lloris to bottle this one too :P

Yeah, goes to show how unbalanced the brackets were. No team from Croatia’s side would’ve had a chance against the better teams on France’s side.

Of course when a team has to go for a goal (Croatia) he opens up his defence for counter offensives. That said im glad France scored a couple of real goals, but it was FIFA and the referee who decided France should win and gave them all the advantages by dishonest decisions.

This is the worst game this ref has done this tournament shoddy decisions all around

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Oh Lloris. You are lucky the other goalkeeper is also not having his best day.

Edit: I wonder if anyone will claim FIFA bankrolled him as well to make Croatia look good.

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