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Forums - Gaming Discussion - Which canceled game do you wish it was made.

kotor 3 Following revan to the outskirts of the sith empire,

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Silent Hills. PT was such an amazing and legit psychologically scary game. It had Kojima, Del Toro and Norman Reedus, and Juni Ito part of it. I love the horror genre, specifically supernatural/ghost theme so I would have dug it for sure. I would have been way more excited for that game than for Death Stranding.

Also Scalebound. Yeah, the gameplay looked a little rough, but I always wanted a dragon game where you actually fight alongside the dragon and the dragon is not the enemy to be slain. I really digged the dragon design, and it would have been a breath of fresh air in MS's usual lineup of shooters and racers. It had some potential with the talented Platinum devs working on it too.

Starcraft: Ghost and Silent Hills. The cancelled Donkey Kong racing game from Rare is also sort of a trauma from my late childhood.