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Forums - Gaming Discussion - Reddit user who leaked Fallout 76 is on a spree

Seems like he wasn't all that accurate.

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NobleTeam360 said:
Seems like he wasn't all that accurate.

It also feels like he took stuff from other people. Including the Fallout 76 rumor. So he most likely tried to capitalize on a bunch of leaks and take credit for all of them. 


Wrong about Starfield and Elder Scrolls.

Kai_Mao said:
Considering Fortnite and DBFZ are rumored from a more recent leak and the fact that NBA 2K19 (though its hard to say if there was concern for 2K19 coming at all), FIFA 19 (same as NBA 2K), and Pokemon Let's Go are confirmed for Switch just recently, I'm not sure if I would totally dismiss the paper leak. Granted, paper leaks usually are wrong and I'm not sure when Nintendo usually produces their pre-recorded presentations.

I'll keep an open mind for now.

And with that...the "leak" is dead.

No Fallout 3 Anniversary while Starfield and ES6 were shown, or teased if you want to be technical.