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Forums - General Discussion - Ronaldo is on another level to Messi


Who's the greater player?

Messi 17 60.71%
Ronaldo 11 39.29%
Ka-pi96 said:

Edit: Only if that other level is LOWER...

hmm... Messi ahead in all the good stats, Ronaldo ahead in all the bad ones...


The only stat that matters is winning. 3 straight CL's, a European cup which he single highhandedly carried them to (finals not withstanding) etc. Intangibles and leadership are more important than raw numbers. Ronaldo creates a winning team culture that elevates every teammate and organization member. That matters more than stats because it directly leads to winning in a team sport.

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Ka-pi96 said: 


Pos Team Pld W D L GF GA GD Pts Qualification or relegation
1 Barcelona (C) 38 28 9 1 99 29 +70 93 Qualification for the Champions League group stage
2 Atlético Madrid 38 23 10 5 58 22 +36 79
3 Real Madrid 38 22 10 6 94 44 +50 76

Yep... Messi's the man


Also, doing this through edits because I don't want this thread on my buddy anymore.

Ronaldo has twice the goals of Messi in this year's CL ;), gj picking the stats which you wanted to. He also an international trophy with a Tier 2 team, and 3 back to back CL wins is something that Messi is never going to do. 

Agreed. Ronaldo has as many champions leagues as Liverpool. That's an amazing feat. Also a euro champ.