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Forums - Politics Discussion - Another Day in the US

And here I am selling 10's of thousands of rounds a day to Avid gun owners. Many times if they buy multiple boxes I give discounts.

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o_O.Q said:

then you do not understand the second amendment... the purpose of it was always to provide a means of defense for citizens from an oppressive tyrannical government... its how the country was formed to begin with after all

that you call the idea of a militia "crap" while at the same time claiming that you advocate for the 2nd amendment is frighteningly ignorant

If the government sent a drone to your house to blow up your property, would you be able to stop it? Would you entrust EVERY American with the right to buy something like that? If your answers to both questions are "no", then I hate to break this to you, but no militia is stopping any oppressive tyrannical government anytime soon. They also have tanks, machine guns, RPGs, M16s, fighter aircrafts, and oh yeah thermonuclear weapons.

Some American laws can and have become simply outdated (slavery, Jim Crow). I would say it's up to present Americans to strive to be better and yes, even be better than our founding fathers.

o_O.Q said: 

someone apparently needs to brush up on what saturation means

More guns in more hands means more gun crimes. Dozens of school shootings still shouldn't happen just because of that. How does that help your argument again?

o_O.Q said: 

sure... counts including suicides right? because i suppose if someone had the resolve to blow their brains out they wouldn't just use some other method if they didn't have a gun

The link I provided counted strictly school shootings this year, not suicides. You would know that had you clicked the link...or read my previous reply properly.

o_O.Q said: 

as i typed its an existential problem... asking me that is like asking me to solve the problem of death

its a stupid question

So is the goal here to just let things ride and let more school shootings happen?

o_O.Q said: 

what is your solution to the mass stabbings in china? or does it suddenly not matter when its knives instead of guns?

I honestly don't know. But if I was a Chinese citizen living in China though, I would try to learn more about it and try to find a way to at the very least lessen the amount and frequency of them.

Militias refer to state militias. For example, in the civil war your state was your regiment. You would grab your rifle and meet up with your state. You were a Virginian or a New Yorker before you were American. These rules were set at the peak of states rights. It was not illegal for a state to have a strong defense.

It’s also weird to assume the military would follow the whims of a tyrannical federal government and start droning citizens. At most the military would split in a civil war but the US has an entirely volunteer military. They would be sooner to throw out a tyrant like Egypt than follow the ruling class into a spiral. They are sons, daughters and brothers not political robots.