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I've never let critic reviews steer me away from a film. Hell, even Return of the Jedi was panned by some critics and I love that movie. And I've enjoyed all of the Disney-era Star Wars films so far. I'm going to try to catch Solo some time in its first week. I look forward to it because I like Star Wars.


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mZuzek said:
pikashoe said:

Shallow is definitely not the right word for TLJ. Even a lot of people that disliked it did admire that the film was thematically one of the deeper star wars films. I agree solo looks very bland and shallow. I wasn't fond of the idea to begin with.

If "deeper" means sending a message, then sending the complete opposite message 5 seconds after, maybe, yeah.

This.  If one would actually think about the TLJ for any point of time, it is pretty obvious it lacks depth.  There is no real thing it delved into.  The lore isn't built upon.  If anything it destroys what depth it could have by ignoring or devaluing story points set up by the TFA.  We just get some on the nose messages about the film makers political beliefs, and that is it.  Something that even some on the left/center left were annoyed by.

pikashoe said:
thismeintiel said:

The review bomb thing was disproven. They were legitimate users on RT. Besides, most movies get haters. But this time, half the fans were the "haters." The massive drop at the box office proved that. And there's a good chance that it hurts the franchise going forward. 

It was not disproven whatsoever, it was proven to have happened; people went through many of the reviews and found that many were copy pasted by accounts with very similar names. Also most of the negative reviews were written the day the accounts were made. 

Imdb has a much larger amount of reviews and the film has a more positive but still divisive score there. 

Unless you want to prove that RT a liar, you are wrong.  They stated that the user review rating on the site was legitimate.  There was no alt-right boogeyman lowering the review.  Unless you think that same boogeyman made hundreds of people make videos stating their hatred for TLJ, which actually saw small Youtubers get 10s of thousands, some 100s of thousands, of views, and were far more upvoted than downvoted.  Oh, and forced people from watching the movie multiple times. 

This movie was supposed to easily take the #2 or #3 spot on the all time DBO for decades to come.  Sit comfortably behind TFA at #4 on the all time WW BO.  And that was the safe bet.  Instead it never made it into the Top 5 DBO and was/will be pushed down to #8 by BP, a standalone superhero film, and Avengers: IW.  WW it again got easily passed by BP and IW, and was pushed out of the Top 10 recently.  JW2 may push it down even further. 

Even after the large 2nd weekend drop, insiders said it would most likely end at $1.6B WW.  Again, it couldn't even hit its adjusted goal, ending at $1.33B.  It even outdid, in a bad way, my pessimistic estimate of being ~$600M below TFA.  Instead ending a whopping ~$736M below it.  Merch sales also plummeted below even RO.  Speaking of RO, it actually lasted a full two weeks longer in the theaters.  It's final day haul, $2,112.  TLJ's, $854.

So, you can close your eyes and stick your fingers in your ears, but the fact remains.  There was a fan backlash, plain and simple.

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Ulternia said:
The trailers looked worse than Rogue One, which I personally hated. I can’t imagine watching Solo or TLJ and I’ll probably just go see the final film just because.

Spoiler warning: there won't be a "final" film.

It's going to be interesting to track this film, which I think I will do. 6.5 is the average critic rating on RT. And only 51% of users on the site want to see the film. Here's hoping it crashes and burns and Kathleen Kenedy gets fired, along with Rian Johnson with his own trilogy.

Edit:  Oh, and it has to take on Deadpool 2's 2nd weekend.  And right now, its looking like Deadpool 2 is opening big.  And then 3 weeks after release, there's Incredibles 2, which will probably kick its legs right out from under it.

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pikashoe said:
mZuzek said:

Yeah. But, no.

You should give the plinkett reviews a watch. They break down in great detail how almost nothing in the prequels work. One of my lecturers in college even recommended the reviews.

I love Plinkett and his reviews, and would counter Mauler's in depth review of Last Jedi.

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Star Wars is dead to me now, but am still interested to see how Soylo does, critically, financially, and fan-wise.

I saw Solo at a midnight session last night (so, starting 10 hours ago).

I went in ready to be disappointed. What I got was the best Star Wars film since The Empire Strikes Back.

It was fun, it was epic, and yet very focused on the characters. The acting was awesome. The cheesy lines were endearing not annoying. Social justice was present without diverting the focus of the movie.

Honestly any issues I had would be nit-picking at this point.

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Is there a reason why you want to see people fail? Did Ms. Kennedy rape your childhood or something man? All those Youtubers calling it the worst SW movie ever and calling it a cinematic failure are just man babies who seem to hate women who started playing with their toys. Even the Youtuber I Hate Everything had to call people out in their bullshit "criticisms" of the film.