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Forums - Music Discussion - Stairway to Heaven vs November Rain


Stairway to Heaven or November Rain? Which is better?

Stairway to Heaven 36 76.60%
November Rain 11 23.40%

Whole Lotta Love is definitely my favorite Led Zeppelin song also.  Estranged is decent but my favorite Guns and Roses song is probably Paradise City.  Plus I think Civil War is another long Guns and Roses song that is better then November Rain.

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Stairway to Heaven is the greatest rock song of all-time. Only Dream On and Hotel California are on its level.

Ulternia said:
Stairway to Heaven is the greatest rock song of all-time. Only Dream On and Hotel California are on its level.

Dream on is better! None of these songs are my all-time favourites, though. 

For me, anything by Nirvana is some of rock's BEST!

Bring on the Stairway to Heaven versus Hotel California thread.

shikamaru317 said:

I'm going to go out on a limb here and say that neither of these is the best song by either band. I personally prefer Whole Lotta Love from Led Zepplin and Estranged from GnR.

Immigrant Song and Sweet Child o' Mine are also better songs than Stairway to Heaven and November Rain *shrugs*

'Much as I like Guns 'n Rose, I'd never even try to compare them to Led Zeppelin.

This would be my pick:

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Led Zeppelin since the live version is much better and I like the structure of stairway more than November Rain. Although it's too bad child in time from Deep Purple isn't an option. Also Civil War is arguably better than November Rain, when ithe comes to the best GNR Epic.

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Stairway to Heaven by far. November Rain is a great song, I can't deny it, but it sometimes gives me the sensation that Gn'R were somehow trying a little too hard in it, Stairway OTOH flows in my ears and in my mind more smoothly.
Edit: And I agree with many others that neither are my favourite songs of their respective bands.

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LOVE both songs but I give the Slight edge to STH...