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Forums - Microsoft Discussion - What are your most wanted announcements at the Microsoft E3 press conference?

shikamaru317 said:
Masked_Muchaco said:
So you don't think we'll see any new mainline Halo and Gears games on XB1 anymore?

I want MS to surprise me, and to do that they will have to show new IPs and/or revive dormant ones, preferably from Rare. And when I say new IPs, I mean big ones, not necessarily but preferably AAA, because they need to show that they are willing to invest big bucks in new games to both please XB1 owners and attract new buyers, and I don't think that a kart game is what they really need right now, unless it can rival Mario Kart in it's first iteration.

Leaks suggest that they're going to both get spinoffs this gen. I have a feeling that Microsoft is saving Halo 6 and Gears 5 for next gen at this point. Microsoft so far has only released Halo and Gears games on the Holiday, and so far has been unwilling to release both Halo and Gears on the same year. Taking that info into account, If the Halo spinoff releases Holiday 2018 and the Gears spinoff Holiday 2019, then the first possible window for Halo 6 to release is Holiday 2020, which is when the next Xbox will most likely release, while the first possible window for Gears 5 is Holiday 2021. Of course MS could break the cycle and release outside of the Holiday, or release both a Halo and a Gears game on the same year. But I think at this point MS does want to save up some big games for next gen so that the next Xbox has a better chance of success than Xbox One did.

We should also take into account the fact that The Coalition is very busy. If the various leaks and rumors are true, they have teams working on 3 other games right now besides Gears 5. Supposedly The Coalition and an unknown studio are co-developing a new Perfect Dark. The Coalition and another studio are co-developing a game based on the Dark Tide short story. And The Coalition has a team assisting Splash Damage with the Gears spinoff I believe. With them split between so many different games, development on Gears 5 will most likely be slow.

It's makes sense to save these games for the start of next gen where they can make a bigger impact, specially for The Coalition if they're really working on so many projects. But the problem is that it could give the impression they're abandoning ship, which never resonates well with console owners, specially the ones who aren't early adopters.

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I want to see them announce a new platformer, they seem to be doing a good job on those recent years with Super Lucky's tale, Cuphead and Ori. Hopefully they get a new one announced. I love the platformers they're giving us.

Some unexpected surprises. Better be either new IPs or some revived old ones. In terms of genres I would prefer action games, RPGs or platformers


They announced that the deal with third party video game developers will now include their games on game pass on the same day they launch.

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Games, that would make for a change

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darkenergy said:
They announced that the deal with third party video game developers will now include their games on game pass on the same day they launch.

Yeah, that would be great, I'd love to see their marketing deal 3rd party games on Game Pass from day 1.