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Forums - Nintendo Discussion - Nintendo starts moving to a Wii-like “non-gamer” strategy for the Switch

Soundwave said:
TheMisterManGuy said:

It's far too early to make that claim. How do you know kids aren't into this? I heard many people with kids who love it already. Labo saw a bump during GW, and is still charting consistently in the top 5 even after the post GW drop. So, we have evidence that it can do impressive numbers around a holiday, and still do decently afterwards. And we still don't know how well it's doing in the US yet. So let's wait until after the Holdays to determine if Labo's a failure or not.

Sub 10k and sub 2.5k for the two SKUs in week 4 isn't anything impressive. 

It's lower than Nintendo Land and 1,2 Switch and Nintendogs + Cats at the same point, and I wouldn't get too attached to this game in the top 5, it's there because it was a slow week once other games start releasing, odds are you're never going to see this Labo Variety Pack in the top 5 ever again (Robot set never ever made the top 5 period). 

And again, your looking at Labo as a traditional singular game. Over 10k for both kits combined, and still charting well post GW is still pretty good. And We still haven't seen its performance in the US yet, nor have we seen the sales from Nintendo's perspective. So it's hard to really call it a failure when there's nothing to really base that on. 

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I hope MisterManGuy and Soundwave are actual Video Game industry analysts who get paid to do this cause......there goes the day.