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Forums - Gaming Discussion - games you have sold or about to sell that hurt

Well, I never sell games. Most of them are digital now, but even the ones that aren't, I keep too. Forever. I don't feel it's worth it to resell games. If I really needed to, my PC mines bitcoin at a rate of 3 dollars a day, or, since I'm looking at my other computer's screen, .000339. so I guess I could use that, but selling games to get another is never an option for me.

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I sell everything (Except downloaded games of course) once I'm completely done with it, otherwise it ends up gathering dust on my shelves and I mostly never play it again if I kept it. At least by selling it, I get some money back to buy other games, it's the circle of life... for video games.

Only case I regretted selling a game was when later on that game got DLC's that I would have cared to get but since I sold the game I couldn't play the DLC's anymore. As far as I can remember this only happened once to me and that was with the first Evil Within game. Would have loved to do the DLC's but never did them cause I sold the main game.

It probably will never happen again as I never buy games day one anymore. By the time I get my games now, every possible DLC's I could care for have been out so when I do sell those games there are no regrets.