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Forums - Gaming Discussion - Could KH3 beat God Of War even if it would release only on PS4?

John2290 said:
MasonADC said:
Some in this thread are really underestimating KH3. I don't think it needs to get ported to PC and Switch to outsell GOW, but if it does get ported, it will be an easy win

Even if they get a 99 metacritc it's not competing for GOW numbers. They'd have to pull the most masterful marketing campaign in the history of gaming to even reach the 6+ million of KH.

Prepare to be proven wrong if this is how you really feel

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I would like KH to do well, but I suspect it wont even get close to God of War sales.

KHs has sold ~24m units across Collections/Games+Sequels&Prequels/mobile&phone (all in all like 16 releases of KHs)
God of war is probably gonna do like ~15m lifetime sales, on just the PS4 alone... theres no way KH3 beats that (on just PS4).

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