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Forums - Nintendo Discussion - Non-Labo Version?


Should Nintendo release a non-Labo version of the robot kit game?

Yahoo! (They should) 1 25.00%
D'oh, I missed! (They should not) 3 75.00%
Nautilus said:
CaptainExplosion said:

Honestly I never thought of that.

Even then, I dont think the games that make up Labo would work without them.And I mean, if it fails to meet expectations, let it fail.Every success and failure is a learning oportunity.Not every product needs or will succeed.And its not like Nintendo is betting all its eggs on it.

No, but it's success would've opened up a new market for Nintendo, and maybe it'd get a follow-up game in the future.

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I find it hilarious that the OP thinks Labo did poorly in Japan just because Nintendo shipped a ton first week. It sold what like 120k between the two Labos FW in Japan alone! Those are fantastic numbers for an $80 cardboard and game toy that appeals to a niche market. I mean are you kidding me!? I'd call that a massive success!

Also the labo software without the labo itself would be pointless.

For the love of god people, stop saying its not doing well based on first sales or shipment sell through.

Look at the FW sales of new IP aimed at kids, families or casuals. They are typically quite low and commonly sell 10-20x as much lifetime.

As for shipment sell through, it released like 8 days before Golden Week starts, its quite clear Nintendo and retailers wanted to make sure its in stock for the holidays.

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