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Forums - Gaming Discussion - Let's get our early E3 predictions out there.


Who will win E3?

Nintendo 21 55.26%
Sony 11 28.95%
Microsoft 3 7.89%
Other 3 7.89%
Nautilus said:
VAMatt said:
I think it is hard to call a winner. But, I'm most excited about MS. I'm always most excited about MS though, as they seem to be the most likely to surprise me. This year, I'm hoping for some solid Halo 6 news.

Nintendo E3 doesn't excite me much, as they talk about too much stuff that is years away from launching.

Sony.... well, I'm sure they'll show some awesome new games. I like awesome new games. But, I feel like I know what to expect from them. So, there's less anticipation.

Nintendo does that?With the Switch?Since when?

The only Switch example I can think of is Metroid.  But, the best, recent, prominent example was BotW.  They talked about it for years before even showing gameplay.  I understand why it worked out that way. But, the fact is, they teased that for probably 4 years prior to launch.