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Forums - Movies Discussion - The current superhero movies are bad



yes 5 21.74%
no 16 69.57%
meh 2 8.70%

You are nitpicking. When those good movies you are talking about were out we still got trash like Elektra, Daredevil, Green Lantern, Fantastic Four, etc...

You will always have a lot of bad movies in the superhero genre, but the latest avengers movie, black panther and wonder woman have all been good

Besides, I'm not sure what would be the old vs new limit, like post 2010? 

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I was gonna give a longer answer but i just dont feel like wasting my time so.. 


Pretty meh overall, but at least much better than tv shows on big networks like CBS, NBC, FOX.

The less Super Hero films resemble that stupid mould they are all in, the better they are.

So films like Logan ultimately stand out above the trash heap of lowest common denominator engineered tripe that sells only because it's got 300 million dollars of star power and effects and a checklist of researched elements they can put in to pander to the mass market; and, not because the film is actually good artistic work or has some kind of interesting or compelling story to tell. I think superhero films can go a lot further than Logan; but apparently, originality is too niche for the genre. There's no incentive to change course when putting out the same stories, same tropes, same formula, and the addition of the latest market-researched gimmicks is always a goldmine. Just turn off your brain and enjoy.

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