Forums - PC Discussion - Microsoft teases a ‘classic Halo’ PC experience after killing fan mod

Chazore said:

"what the internet says". So you're basically calling anything you type out in a public forum or site as "what the internet says"?, whatever you say mate.

I've no denial to own, because I too use Steam myself, but I've also no reason to hold MS up to some special needs pedestal either. 

"Words on the internet mean nothing", then I guess we'll just apply that logic to every known piece of information known to man on the internet, and we'll go back to good ol' hardbooks.


"Steam and windows is the perfect way to game in my opinion and you cannot change that". Why would I want to change your opinion?.

I want Valve to improve the store. I gave up on their old concepts years ago, and I'd rather not see the same rehashes that MS has been rolling with the past 5 years. HL3 will never ever live up to what was expected of it over the years, so like an actual HL fan that I am, I'd rather accept it's death, rather than "yeah spam and copy all the trends, and also rush it asap".

You call it a grudge, as if it's something to easily be forgiven. I'd love to see how you handle anything as a so called "grudge" and then flick it away so easily, only for it to come bite you back in the ass (because not everything is easy to flick away).

So all MS do is release rehashes for the past 5 years? what has Valve made lately?... Calling MS out for making rehashes yet Valve hasn't even made a game in years, and if they did please let me know because I would have to check it out for myself.

As for me, I enjoy my Windows/Steam gaming and will continue to game on both as they offer the unique experiences. Windows offers 1st party Console exclusives and Steam offers 3rd party and Indie games. In time when Windows starts to offer the exact same 3rd party and Indies games than Steam, Valve will need to lift soon or they will start losing sales from me. 

As for your last sentence.. that's what I call holding a grudge. So your entire argument with me is floored because you are calling the kettle black. You say I am bias for MS yet YOU are clearly bias against MS with your so called trust issues. We mention about goggles before? well I think you need to take them off here.

This conversation has gone past its used by date.

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