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Forums - Gaming Discussion - Sonic Mania tops 1m worldwide sales

Should have sold 10M

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Niiice! Really glad this game did very well, as it's a really fun and well crafted game. Hopefully Sonic Team will allow them to make at least one more retro sonic game.



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i expected at least 2m. its a great game

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I admit I thought it would have already done 2M by now ....

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Can't wait until it's physically released so I can play it.

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I thought it would be more, personally, I bought it on switch, xbox, and, ps4


OTBWY said:
Well done. It should sell way more however. It is a good game. A good Sonic game for once.

Every person that enjoyed Genesis-era Sonic, and is still gaming, should buy this game.  It is the only retro-style game I've ever played that was able to fully recapture the magic of the game(s) that inspired it.