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Has PM performance improved?

Yes 3 37.50%
No 1 12.50%
I don't use stupid PMs! 4 50.00%
VGPolyglot said:
TalonMan said:
I've seen requests for sending to multiple people - but that functionality already exists, no??

What I mean, is that the way it currently is, when you start a group PM with multiple people, after that you cannot add/remove people, and they cannot remove themselves. So, if someone doesn't want to keep getting message notifications they can't really do anything, and if you want someone to be able to see the PM history you can't really just add the person into it, I guess you'd have to start a new group PM and inform them of what was discussed up to that point.

Ah - ok, that makes sense...

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I'd kinda like a spam filter as I receive 4-5 pms a day that always have the same ~4 different titles. Setting those as a filter to automatically delete them would be nice.

Please, message mass deletion talonator!