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Forums - Gaming Discussion - Shovel Knight surpasses two million copies sold – Switch at 370k, fastest-selling platform

Damn I wish every developer would release such detailed information about their sales!

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KrspaceT said:
Chazore said:

Considering that BT had Nintendo marketing via the Switch and youtube Switch promotion, it's no wonder it sold better than on Steam.

Can't for the life of me think of a time where Valve became one of the big 3 and paid for all the dev's marketing and pushed for all sorts of otehr marketing venues, which neither EA or the other client owners do either.

Not sure why you'd revel in it, as that just speaks Warz mentality. 

After the Wii U, Nintendo needs victories against the PS4/Xbox/PC trio. Taking Shovel Knight's lead would be a most excellent victory

Speaking of which, did you see that the PS4 is still a long ways behind the Wii U in Showel Knight sales, and even in revenue despite the Wii U basically being dead already when the price increase came? Wii U beating PS4, such a rare sight indeed.

I also think that the Wii U was critical for Nintendo embracing the Indie games, as apart from themselves and the odd game from a bigger publisher, Indies where the only ones that kept the system afloat. This followed over to the Switch, which shows that good Indies can sell very well if they don't get drowned in other releases (Steam) or where the platform holders don't show much interest in them (Sony & Microsoft)