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Forums - Gaming Discussion - Fortnite is P2L and I love it!

VGPolyglot said:
Mar1217 said:
We all know your tendanciees of defending FTP monetization practices. I don't think you should hammered how it doesn't affect you when obviously there's people that does.

But that story about these kids ... They're really following trends aren't they ... Nothing has changed much between generations I guess.

I wonder what's the next trend will be ?

Well, isn't that what makes it a trend?

Oh don't worry, we all fell for it when we were in elementary/middle/high school XD

Though, I had hope that maybe these kind of trends wouldn't wide spread themselves so often, there's a least 1 or 2 each year and it's not always for the better, I mean fidget spinners were dumb but people flew to that in a heartbeat.

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More power to Epic. Wish they put as much effort into the PvE, I might not have uninstalled.

Did anyone see the new ClliffyB BR game? Holy shitballs. It's horrific.

Mar1217 said:
Kerotan said:

I seem to not be aware of these tenancies. What ftp games have I defended? Not very many considering I can't think of any. Maybe warframe years ago? 

Woops, I worded it wrong :p

I meant monetization in games (F2P,Freenium,P2W,etc ...) in general.

But yeah, microtransactions are tolerable when it comes to F2P since it's their bread and butter ... 

You're not wrong there. I've defended it in a lot of games. 


Fortnite is epic though. Best new gaming experience for me since cod4 revolutionised the fps genre. Just so much fun.