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FloatingWaffles said:

I don't know why anyone would want Insomniac to be bought by Sony, there is literally no benefit there. It's like if someone tries to say they hope [insert company here] buys PlatinumGames for example, like....why? 

All of their games this gen have been some of my favorites so far: Sunset Overdrive, Ratchet & Clank, and now hopefully Spider-Man is going to be just as amazing as those ones were.

I hope Sony buys PlatinumGames XD

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As long as their independent its okay..... if someone has to buy them, Id prefer that be sony though.

They make really good games, I think alot of sony guys would miss them, if suddenly they only made MS games.

Qwark said:
Sony and Insomniac are pretty much like childhood friends. Sure Sony tried to trick Insomniac a few times into mariage and Insomniac cheated on Sony because of it with Microsoft. (While it was actually because of the mariage contract in which Sony wants control over everything Insomniac does).

But in the end these two companies really flourish when working together critically and financially. Sunset overdrive was a great game, but Insomniac is audience is on the Playstation platform. Sony has no good reason to buy Insomniac, since they evidently like to work with Sony and the PS audience likes their games, especially Ratchet and Clank.
So Insomniac stay independent and primarily work on Playstation projects (We want new R&C games in the rebooted universe). And Sony should only buy Insomniac if they are in financial trouble.

Pretty much.

Sunset Overdrive and its DLCs were awesome!

I also enjoyed the Oculus-exclusive Edge of Nowhere and The Unspoken.

I dont think it will be a wise business decision to buy insomniac now considering they are a big studio with over 200+ employees. And I dont think right now in the gaming industry anyone come close to insomniac ability to pump out well polished games at speed which they have been for the past 12 years. They churned out 13 exclusive games in 7 years on a system that was difficult to develop (ps3)

Sony did offer to buy them back when they were smaller but they declined and sony ended buying naughty dog. Both naughty dog and Insomniac had office in the same sony owned building, so they were virtually incubating them.

Then Sony made the offer again I think around the time of resistance 2, but again got declined and sony ended with Sucker Punch.