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I don't think so to be honest, and I won't pretend that I'm not biased in my answer lol. Let me explain a bit about Islam as I first learned it in my early 20s.

In Islam the individual is supposed to arrive at belief in God through a strong conviction, through logic. The message of many of the prophets of God was to believe in Him and then worship him (knowledge precedes action in Islam), and they would employ arguments that were pretty logical and tangible to achieve this. In those times it was things like "look at the blessings that God has given you, look at how the night follows the day and the day follows the night, look at the dead earth that he brings life back into" etc, beseeching the people to use their common sense to understand that everything they know was created by God. Nowadays,  because we have a deeper understanding of those phenomena and know a bit about the science behind them, we somehow find it all less miraculous. I'm sure there are many analogies you could think of where something became less impressive because you had a more in depth understanding, but the fact is that the way the world works is damn amazing and to deny that there is an architect behind it all is ridiculous from my point of view.

The way I approach da'wah (that is, calling people to Islam) is to provide a logical argument, going into infinite regress and all that. If someone's faith is based on fairy tales then they are just deceiving themselves and will find it quite easy to abandon it all. A strong foundation is based on proof.

As much as we discuss it all and go back and forth, at the end of the day the predominant Western belief system is going to be atheism. Theism may not make much sense to most people in Western, secular society since they have been conditioned from birth. 

I sometimes leave things out when writing as I think faster than I type lol. If you're in Australia happy to discuss it over the phone or over a cup of coffee if your genuinely interested in hearing my point of view - I'd pay you the same courtesy and hear yours of course.