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Aura7541 said:
KLAMarine said:

I'll take your word for it and agree that Sean was more active. This does not change the fact that Yoshida was there and agreed to do this as well as put in a nice word in for NMS at the end. Also doesn't change the fact that some party at PlayStation edited and uploaded the video to PlayStation's YT channel.

Was there no 'Sony filter' for whatever is shown up on PlayStation's E3 presentations? If there was, it was poor. If there wasn't, it was irresponsible.

Either way, Sony's consent was surely required.

I'm going to give Sony the benefit of the doubt: perhaps they just got careless and allowed a faulty product to go all-out and at full-blast at their E3 conferences and even put Yoshida's face alongside the product. Perhaps their QA fell asleep as they played a couple rounds of NMS before allowing Sean such extensive access to PlayStation resources.

You can say that there is a 'Sony filter'. However, I'll quote a part of my past comment: "we need to consider the spectrum of what constitutes 'very active' and 'not very active'". The strictness of the filter was likely less than that of Microsoft due to the fact that Hello Games is a 3rd party developer and therefore, not manned by Sony. In contrast, Microsoft has full autonomy over Rare. There are filters in both cases, but the permeability of the filters are likely not identical.

Perhaps Sony should have had a greater filter considering the platform they were giving NMS but maybe putting on a good show took priority over ensuring a quality product?

Aura7541 said:
KLAMarine said: 

All that said, even as shit was hitting the fan, PlayStation support was hesitant to issue any refunds:


I'd understand a hesitance to issue refunds for digital purchases but one would think an exception could have been made for this ONE case. Apparently not.

Sony was sticking with this product through thick or thin, game-crashing bugs and all and don't bother them about it. Go bug Sean Houdini for a transaction that occurred with PlayStation's combined media resources' blessings and through Sony's own network .


You wanna call this 'active' or 'passive' or 'string cheese' is ultimately irrelevant: Sony banked on this scandal with their full consent and customers got screwed.

The problems with Sony's (really bad) refund policies extend beyond NMS, however. IIRC, there is a thread on either NeoGAF or ResetERA that deeply criticized this issue. The shitstorm surrounding NMS incidentally emphasized and brought more attention to the problem (and yes, I also disagree with Sony's decision to not issue refunds).

Other than that, I do agree with you, especially on the last sentence as I did say that Sony was not blameless. The lack of action to pull back Hello Games was an outright bad decision and as Troy Leavitt said, Sony shouldn't have just left Hello Games out there to die when the backlash began.

I'll have to take your word for it on Sony and refunds. I don't regularly do business with PSN...