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Forums - Sony Discussion - 5+ mill PS4s in Japan

I thought this was a positive thread from the title and was going to come into it with a snide comment, but now I'm confused.

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I think the 3 top selling games on the ps4 are ff15, dragon quest 11 and mhw? These 3 are very comparable to switch top 3 best selling games. And if we have software attach rate info I'm pretty sure ps4 is ahead of the switch because of more games and 4 years older

Bristow9091 said:
Gonna' need a bit more than this in the OP, at least post some HW and SW numbers...

Just gonna back this up. You need to add more to your OP!



attachment rate in Japan

PS4: 4.99 games per console.

Switch: 2.36 games per console.

Wii U: 4.30 games per console.

3DS: 4.95 games per console.

What are you talking about?

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No update to the OP and it has been days. Locking.