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Forums - Movies Discussion - Latin Americans really like Dragonball

As someone who lives near the U.S.-Mexico International Border, I always knew that Dragon Ball was popular in Mexico, but I didn't know it was THIS popular.

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Dragon Ball is legendary everywhere and latin american countries are no exception! Goku is pretty much considered a god by a lot of people I know from Chile and Argentina. That said I havent watched Super yet, which is sad because I couldn't get into the hype train!!!

I'm not surprised, considering soccer is really popular down there. I guess they just like watching stuff where nothing much happens for long periods of time.

John2290 said:
BraLoD said:
Nowhere near the same impact it once had.

Not true. The latest film Resurrection F made 70 million on box office alone. Not in the entire history of DBZ has this happened, ontop of that the games sell in the millions and even that one YT parody series Abriged raked in millions of views per episode. It is a phenomenon that continues through the decades and is probably stronger now with a  wider audience than it ever had in the past. The handling of super is pretty bad, indeed but that can be rectified if they get past this shitty tournament saga that has gone on too long and get back on track.

I was talking about its impact on me.

Super was mostly terrible, with some minor points of good things happening.

The fact this shit was extremely successful is a testment of how can it sell on brand alone.

Super is a disrespect to what Dragon Ball once was.

The last arc was actually the best, even with the lack of any actual weight for the meaning of the supposed consequences.

I stand for the fact the people directly responsible for it didn't even watch or read dragon ball.

What they made of Gohan, Videl, Vegeta, and so many other chars is beyond acceptable.

Cannot wait for it to end in the next episode and hope the next series can be deserving of being Dragon Ball.

Honestly it was the worst anime I've ever kept up to, just hoping it would eventually stop being a disrespect.

That's the understatement of the century. We Latin Americans were and are crazy for Dragon Ball.