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Forums - Gaming Discussion - Are Nintendo fans more racist than PlayStation fans and Xbox fans?


Are Nintendo fans racist?

No 29 51.79%
Only the white ones 27 48.21%
PSintend0 said:
GKB said:

According to science things are funny when they surprise you with something unexpected that you did not expect from the start.


I think you meant every topic can be made funny.

This is not really that.

This topic is not funny. Your posts are not funny. Rol is not funny. Nintendo fans are not funny.

RIP thread

The next thread ->Playstation fans are more funny than Nintendo fans and Xbox fans?

Yep. That sounds way more interesting and fun

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Seems like a legitimate argument. Those evil Nintendo fans!

GKB said:

It does not.

A good rule would be if you are comfortable with switching out PS fans with white people and Nintendo fans with black and the question does not sound discriminating then its probably ok, I hope, unless you really are racist and don't understand the problem, cause then this will take forever

Aaah now I get it and know how it should be:

Are black people more racist than white people and Xbox fans?

It wasn´t that hard after all ;D

But what is the answer :O


Edit. Who are you? Do you happen to be an alt? Why is this discussion so important to you and I must say that you at least have a very good sense of humour :D

Did you get punished for making racistic posts in the other threads or why are you so obsessed in this thread?

Is it, because you know that I, Rol and many others in this thread are agaist racism and like to make fun of racism?

If so, then its actually quite funny, thanks for the entertainment GKB :D and of course thanks Rol for this thread and the genious OP.

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Ohh, its all a ploy to buy more switches. I'm on board!


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